Remote Education Provision

Remote and Blended Learning at Mulberry UTC 

Mulberry UTC is a dynamic and innovative learning community where students and staff take seriously their shared responsibility to ensure all students develop the skills needed to be active, independent and lifelong learners. All learning, whether delivered in the school building or via our online learning platform is designed to provide an appropriate level of challenge linked with each student’s prior attainment and their chosen specialist areas of study. Lessons are planned carefully by teachers to ensure they provide variety and pace, and to maximise the opportunities for students to develop the knowledge, skills and practical abilities needed to pass their qualifications and secure outstanding destinations. The principles of teaching and learning at Mulberry UTC remain the same when we are working in a remote or blended learning environment.

Further information can be found below and in this paper which is intended to provide clarity and transparency to students, parents and carers about what to expect from remote education at Mulberry UTC during this time.

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