The UTC day

The school day at Mulberry UTC

To give you the time to undertake academic and technical studies, the school day at Mulberry UTC is longer than in some other schools.

The school building is open every day from 8am for breakfast for students and staff.

Students start lessons every day at 8.40am, and registration is at 12:20pm.

On most days, lessons finish at 3.50pm. Students may remain in the building until 5pm at the latest.

On Fridays, school finishes for students at 2.10pm.

Timing of the school day

8.15am-8.30am Breakfast
8.40am-9.30am Lesson 1
9.30am-10:20am Lesson 2
10:20am-10.40am Break
10.40am-11.30am Lesson 3
11.30am-12.20pm Lesson 4
12:20pm-12.40pm Registration/Assembly
12.40pm-1.20pm Lunch
1.20pm-2.10pm Lesson 5
2.10pm-3.00pm Lesson 6
3.00pm-3.50pm Lesson 7
3.50pm-5.00pm Library club

Fridays only

8.15am-8.30am Breakfast
8.40am-9.30am Lesson 1
9.30am-10.20am Lesson 2
10.20am-10.40am Break
10.40am-11.30am Lesson 3
11.30am-12.20am Lesson 4
12.20am-12.40pm Registration/Assembly
12.40pm-1.20pm Lunch
1.20pm-2.10pm Lesson 5
2.10pm End of school day, students must leave the building

Dining at Mulberry UTC

This academic year we continue with the three week menu cycle which includes vegetarian options each day, sandwiches and wraps, homemade soup and a selection of desserts.

We expect all students to eat the healthy meal provided by the academy. There are vegetables and salads accompanying the meal, followed by a dessert or fresh fruit.

Please see our menu here.

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