At Mulberry UTC all students participate in project based learning, an exciting

opportunity to work towards an outcome that is not defined by assessment. Students have the opportunity to work alongside professional to emulate what it is like to work in either the creative or healthcare industries.

So far our year 10 students have worked on exciting projects in design, journalism, theatre and media production, two of these projects have included learning how bring a play to life and learning the technical side of radio to produce podcasts.

On the 8th of November 2017 Year 10 BTEC students joined a group of year 8 students from Swanlea School to take part in a theatre project hosted by Half Moon Theatre. Their job was to create a play in from an extract given to them by the Half Moon Theatre.

Students were responsible for the acting, design, stage management, lighting and sound for the production and worked in groups alongside professional guidance from the Half Moon Theatre.

The process began with each team listening to an extract of a new play in development at the Half Moon Theatre, then students responded by creating performance and design ideas. The final product was the play called REBEL which focuses on real life troubles within the east end.

The feedback from the audience was positive with audience members saying they had connected to the real life problems presented on stage.

Other year 10 students have been working on podcasts during their project tome on a Wednesday afternoon. They have expressed their views on their favourite topics from K-pop bands to everyday day life.

They talk about their favourite teachers and their favourite subjects and express their views about the school and tell funny stories along the way.

It has been a great way for students and teachers to get to know the people they work with and have conversations others wised missed in lessons.

Regular podcasters Nathan and Joe who are friends, evidently have on air chemistry, which can be heard through their building catalogue of episodes. It’s hard not to smile whilelistening to the 15minute episode of them chatting away with fellow students as guests and they even manage to drop in some of their favourite tunes along the way.

It has been great to speak with year 10 students regarding their projects and it’s clear theyare enjoying the opportunity to work in a way which mirrors the industries they are lookingto enter in just a few years’ time.