Mulberry UTC’s exhilarating Cultural Week captivated both staff and students, offering a unique cultural journey. With daily themes dedicated to celebrating the diverse tapestry of our world, Africa Day, Southern Asian Day, Caribbean Day and more were filled with captivating facts, engaging games and immersive experiences.
The community came alive with the melodic tunes of music from around the globe, playing a vital role in this cultural extravaganza. Special assemblies highlighted and honoured the beauty of our collective diversity.

The grand finale of Cultural Week brought the entire school community together for a cultural dress day, showcasing the rich heritage of various countries. A scrumptious cultural bake sale delighted taste buds, a vibrant flag themed face painting stall, and a mesmerising fashion show left everyone in awe.
Mulberry UTC’s Cultural Week was a resounding success, uniting the community in celebration and leaving a lasting impression. It was an unforgettable experience that highlighted the power of diversity and the joy of embracing different cultures.